Case Study

From Seed to Harvest: TLNT Empowers Lettuce Growth

Company Location:
United States
TLNT Location:

The Context:

Carolina Antonini, Operations Lead at Let Us Grow, shares insights into the company's journey in overcoming talent acquisition challenges and achieving success through collaboration with TLNT.

The Headache:

Before partnering with TLNT, Let Us Grow encountered significant hurdles in sourcing customer care talent nationally. Previous attempts with overseas talent in the philippines resulted in inefficiencies due to time zone differences, language barriers, and a lack of integration with the company culture.

Upon seeking solutions, Let Us Grow discovered TLNT, attracted by their transparent approach, responsiveness, and commitment to integrating talent seamlessly into the client's organization. The promise of high-quality candidates from LATAM, coupled with shared values and proactive support, inspired confidence in the partnership.

The TLNT Solution:

Let Us Grow's experience with TLNT exceeded expectations. The selected customer care agents quickly assimilated into the company culture, demonstrating motivation, responsibility, and a strong work ethic. The seamless integration highlighted the benefits of working with LATAM-based talent, fostering a collaborative and productive environment.

‘The whole team was very transparent and responsive, the feedback, the interactions were like VERY fast. (The process) was very proactive and very clear from the beginning.’

Impressed by the initial success, Let Us Grow expanded its collaboration with TLNT, hiring additional customer support agents and exploring fractional talent solutions for specialized roles like supply chain management. The flexibility and efficiency offered by TLNT approach allowed Let Us Grow to address staffing needs effectively.

The TLNT Growth Effect:

Let Us Grow's LATAM-based team members seamlessly integrated into the organization, aligning with the company's values and contributing positively to its growth. Their language proficiency, cultural affinity, and dedication added value to the business, fostering a sense of inclusivity and collaboration.

‘We’ve hired amazing people from TLNT. (The team is)  just so nice and so friendly and they just understand. I would recommend it a hundred percent. I already did to some other companies. ‘

The TLNT Game-Changing Solution:

Carolina enthusiastically recommends TLNT to other companies seeking reliable talent solutions. With a focus on transparency, responsiveness, and seamless integration, TLNT provides a supportive framework for companies to access high-quality LATAM-based talent and achieve their business objectives effectively.

Through shared values, proactive support, and seamless integration, TLNT empowers companies like Let Us Grow to thrive in a global marketplace.

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