Skilled talent to be hired in Latin America for US roles.

We fuel growing brands with the most talented people.

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    Remote A+ Pre-Vetted Talent
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Happy Clients

Lettuce Grow
From Seed to Harvest
Founder-Led Customer Support to TLNT Remote Team (Shark Tank Certified)
Company location: US
TLNT Location: Mexico

Carolina Antonini, Operations Lead at Let Us Grow, shares insights into the company's journey in overcoming talent acquisition challenges and achieving success through collaboration with TLNT.

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Dude Robe
From Hands-On to Hands-Off
Founder-Led Customer Support to TLNT Remote Team (Shark Tank Certified)
Company location: new york
TLNT Location: LATAM

Howie Bush, Founder and Chief Dude at Dude Robe discovered TLNT through a recommendation from the Shark Tank community. Initially hesitant about language fluency and brand voice alignment, Howie was blown away by the team's English proficiency, experience and ability to capture the brand's friendly tone.

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Smart Hiring For A Smart Tech Company
Company location: US
TLNT Location: LATAM

Nomad, a California-based company specializing in innovative solutions for keeping phones and smart devices charged and protected on the go, faced significant challenges in talent acquisition and project staffing due to its location and economic constraints. However, by embracing remote work and exploring the TLNT team from Latin America (LATAM), Nomad transformed its hiring strategy and experienced remarkable growth.

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Client Kudos

Mary, Vice President of Harbour

Working with the TLNT team has been a game changer. They're our secret weapon!

Vice President, Harbour
Noah, Co-founder & CEO, Nomad

TLNT are thorough, diligent and hands on. Endlessly impressed

Co-founder & CEO, Nomad
Alyssa, Head of Operations, Prepdeck

We saved over $450k per year by building out our team in Mexico

Head of Operations, Prepdeck

Our Secret

A+ talent in 3 days and 3 times cheaper than you ever thought.
What's the difference in hiring in Latam ?

We source, interview and vet for you top remote talent from Mexico & Latin America.

Say Hi to Latam and Goodbye to barriers.

  • No Language Barriers
  • Time Zone Alignment
  • Entry up to Senior Roles
  • Experienced remote specialists
  • 1/3rd the cost of a US Hire

You want the best hires. But...

Your A+ hiring goal has a B- budget

Hoping the budget lands you a unicorn?
We've been there.

It's time consuming

8-12 weeks and counting. Pray they work out.

It's expensive

Salary plus 25% extra in benefits, taxes, computers, etc.

Freelance Recruiters

Could incentives be more mis-aligned?
Add another 30%.

Looking for your missing piece?
Leave it to us.

+250 cost-effective professionals are waiting to be hired.
Get our amazing talent today.
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