Best-in-class talent for up to 70% less than US hires

We make hiring world class talent from Mexico & LATAM easy, fast and cost effective
  • Fluent in English
  • Time Zone Alignment
  • 100% Remote
  • Pre-Vetted
  • Educated & Experienced
Tlnt - hiring in latin america cost effectiveTlnt - hiring in latin america cost effectiveTlnt - hiring in latin america cost effectiveTlnt - hiring in latin america cost effectiveTlnt - hiring in latin america cost effectiveTlnt - hiring in latin america cost effective
Christine, Founder, ONDHR

To say I was skeptical is an under-statement. But I've been blown away by the team we've built.

Founder, ONDHR
Noah, Co-founder & CEO, Nomad

TLNT are thorough, diligent and hands on. Endlessly impressed

Co-founder & CEO, Nomad
Alyssa, Head of Operations, Prepdeck

We saved over $450k per year by building out our team in Mexico

Head of Operations, Prepdeck

How do we do this?

Hire precious full-time talent starting at $2k monthly across various roles and skills; saving you up to 80% compared to the US.

Tlnt - hiring in latin america cost effective
Tell us about your role

We get to know you, your company, and what your goals are

We get to work

We source, interview, screen, and qualify well-suited TLNT.

Tlnt - hiring in latin america cost effective
Three great candidates

You receive profiles, resumes, test results, and more of the top candidates.

You're hired

We help schedule interviews and stand by while you choose


Here are some of the roles we can fill with amazing people

  • Customer Support
  • ⚪️  Email Support
  • ⚪️  Chat & text Support
  • ⚪️  Phone specialists
  • ⚪️  Social Media
  • ⚪️  Community, moderation
  • Sales
  • ⚪️  Lead generation
  • ⚪️  Appointment setting
  • ⚪️  Inbound/outbound sales
  • ⚪️  CRM management
  • Operations
  • ⚪️  Logistics
  • ⚪️  Buying & Planning
  • ⚪️  HR assistance
  • ⚪️  Finance
  • ⚪️  General administrative
  • ⚪️  Payroll
  • Marketing
  • ⚪️  Project Management
  • ⚪️  Social Media
  • ⚪️  Graphic Design
  • ⚪️  Web design
  • Executive Assistant
  • ⚪️  Email & calendar mgmt
  • ⚪️  Scheduling, coordination
  • ⚪️  Project management
  • ⚪️  Travel admin
  • ⚪️  Research
  • + many more
TLNT recruiters seeking the best talent for your company.

We make it easy.

Proven System

We bring you only the best candidates aligned to your expecations and your company culture.

On the Ground

Experienced head-hunter team based in
Latin America.


10+ years of experience hiring remote workers for our own businesses.

100% Guarantee

If things aren’t working out, we replace hires at no cost to you.

Common Questions

How much does it cost?

Our monthly fees are all-in-one with no additional costs. You pay no recruiting fees, no payroll taxes, no health insurance, no benefits, no equipment an no office space. Willing to increase your profitability and improve your efficiency? TLNT is the one.

How is TLNT different from the likes of Upwork, and Fiverr?

TLNT focuses on building vetted and uniquely curated full-time teams that are dedicated to and integrated into your business.
Upwork and Fiverr are good options for seeking out freelancers to assist with short-term projects that are not full-time.

Why hire in Latin America?

We’ve found Latam-based talent has the perfect blend of cost, culture-fit, English proficiency and talent availability.
Whole Latam offers an incredible pool of trained talent across various industries and skills.

What is my commitment?

Each role has a minimum commitment of 120 days.
After that, it is month-to-month.

What if the hire isn't working out?

Our 100% guarantee ensures you are working with nothing short of the best talent, risk free.

Happy Hire Guarantee
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