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Nomad x TLNT: Smart Hiring for a Smart Tech Company

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The Context:

Nomad, a California-based company specializing in innovative solutions for keeping phones and smart devices charged and protected on the go, faced significant challenges in talent acquisition and project staffing due to its location and economic constraints. However, by embracing remote work and exploring the TLNT team from Latin America (LATAM), Nomad transformed its hiring strategy and experienced remarkable growth. This case study delves into Nomad's journey of integrating the TLNT team into its workforce and the significant impact it had on the company's success.

The Headache

Nomad, headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, encountered several challenges in talent acquisition before embracing remote work and exploring talent from LATAM:

  • Limited talent pool: Santa Barbara's relatively small size and high living costs posed challenges in finding suitable candidates locally.
  • Economic considerations: Hiring in California required careful budgeting to ensure affordability while remaining competitive.
  • Need for diverse skills: Nomad aimed to expand its North American team with individuals possessing specific skills, while also integrating them effectively with its existing global workforce.

Discovery of TLNT:

Nomad's CEO, Noah, initially approached the idea of remote work with skepticism. However, faced with challenges exacerbated by the "great resignation" phenomenon and the need for a competitive edge, he began considering alternative talent pools. The idea of building a team based in Mexico or Central America, offering comparable skills in the same time zone, intrigued Noah.

Despite that, Noah recognized the potential benefits of hiring from LATAM and sought reassurance through research and references. Conversations with a reference company in Newport Beach, which had successfully built a remote team, provided valuable insights and instilled confidence in Noah to explore this avenue further.

From the day she (the first TLNT hire) joined, it's like, how are we operating without her before? She was incredible. She was so hungry. She fit right in.’

The TLNT Growth Effect:

Nomad embarked on the TLNT recruitment process that emphasizes strict criteria and thorough evaluations to ensure the right fit for their first LATAM hire. 

Their first LATAM hire exceeded expectations, seamlessly integrating into the team and setting a high standard for performance. Subsequent hires in various roles, including web marketing and wholesale operations, further reinforced the value of integrating the TLNT team into the workforce.

'I think it's a really phenomenal thing (hiring with TLNT) in particular for small and medium-sized companies. And we've certainly felt that ourselves.'

The TLNT Game-Changing Solution:

Nomad's strategic decision to embrace TLNT as their hiring partner, had a transformative impact on the company:

  • Enhanced productivity: LATAM hires brought diverse skills and expertise, contributing significantly to Nomad's growth and operational efficiency.
  • Improved competitiveness: Access to a broader talent pool allowed Nomad to remain competitive in challenging economic times, facilitating sustainable growth.
  • Cultural integration: Despite geographical distances, Nomad fostered a strong sense of unity and collaboration among its global workforce, transcending cultural barriers through shared goals and values.

Nomad's successful integration of the TLNT team not only addressed its immediate hiring challenges but also paved the way for sustained growth and competitiveness. 

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