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From Hands-On to Hands Off: Founder-Led Customer Support to TLNT Remote Team (Shark Tank Certified)

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The Context

Howie Bush, Founder and Chief Dude at Dude Robe, revolutionized the traditional men's robe into a contemporary, stylish garment with a hoodie vibe. As a typical startup, Howie initially managed all aspects of the business, including customer service, but realized the need for a more efficient solution as the company grew.

The Headache

Before partnering with TLNT, experts in Latin American talent acquisition, Howie juggled multiple roles within the company, including customer service. A friend of his was helping out, but the tipping point came when their business tripled in Q4, highlighting the need for a more scalable solution.

The TLNT Growth Effect

Howie discovered TLNT through a recommendation from the Shark Tank community, connecting with another company that has achieved sustainable and successful growth through TLNT. Initially hesitant about language fluency and brand voice alignment, Howie was blown away by the team's English proficiency, experience and ability to capture the brand's friendly tone. The team not only implemented automation tools and streamlined customer service processes in the same time zone, relieving the burden of managing inquiries individually.

“I really was blown away. (The team) was even better than me ... it's really has been such a pleasant surprise in that way”

The TLNT Game-Changing Solution

Dude Robe's TLNT remote team seamlessly integrated operations, surpassing expectations with their efficiency and language skills. Howie found working with TLNT to be as smooth as working with local counterparts, if not better. The team's responsiveness and attention to detail enabled Howie to focus on strategic aspects of the business, contributing to a significant increase in sales customer satisfaction and growth and also with the needed adaptability while the workload fluctuated over Qs.

‘’It's funny you keep calling it Latam. I just think of it as part of my team. That's the highest compliment I guess I could give. I think it's the 48th state because it’s even more convenient than Hawaii and Alaska’’

increase in ticket volume while improving the SLA response rate by 17 hours.
Improved CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) from 47%
Ultra efficient operations. TLNT support resolved 4x the daily ticket qty per agent vs industry standards, leading to cost savings and efficiency gains especially during peak periods.
Happy Hire Guarantee
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